Do you suffer from Downtimeitis?



A condition in which a VO artist feels anxious or even guilty about taking downtime for themselves.


He Said: Does that diagnosis sound like you sometimes? Maybe you're in-between projects or you just finished working on a large project and think to yourself, "Self, time to take a break for a little bit, relax and take a load off". Sounds great, right? But instead of doing that, your mind won't stop thinking of ways to get more clients, ways to tweak your demo or website, or just simply new ways to worry about why you aren't doing anything to further your VO career!!!


She Said : This condition even worsens when things are slow. You may feel guilty about taking some time for yourself because you worry that you'll never get another gig so you need to keep grinding away to get more clients! Well, I'm afraid this is a far too common condition among voice artists and if gone unchecked, could lead to a much more serious condition…BURNOUT!


"...when it comes down to it, taking time for yourself IS really taking time for your VO career!"


He Said: As important as it is to keep marketing yourself and working on keeping your brand fresh (ie. updating demo and website). It's just as important to recharge the

batteries so you can be a more effective "you" when you are officially "on-the-clock". You may have a tendency to think that because you aren't doing actual VO work like recording or editing, that the other things involved in your business don't count as VO work, but they do!


She Said : So tonight, try this, once you feel you're at a good spot to stop, STOP EVERYTHING! Turn off the computer, turn off the cell phone, and don't check the email one last time before going to bed, because that quick email check can easily turn into another hour long online session!


He Said: Because when it comes down to it, taking time for yourself IS really taking time for your VO career!


She Said : Have you ever experienced any of these symptoms and what are some of your tips to beat downtimeitis?


Best of luck in your voice over adventures!

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May 6, 2014

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